“Ranenu” (“Sing joyfully”) is a music and worship training program for people of all ages.  Our goal is to help raise up the next generation of believers in Israel to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and with excellence.  Our desire is that they’ll be able to have an impact on their generation through music and draw many into the presence of God through worship.  

We give students a strong foundation in reading music and in playing with excellence, but also teach them the principles, or “theory,” of music that enable them to improvise freely, play well as part of a worship group, and even to write their new song to the Lord.

These aren’t just regular music lessons people can take elsewhere.  Those who take music lessons without an emphasis on worship often don’t learn how to apply what they’ve learned in a worship setting, nor do they necessarily learn what it means to worship.

We provide group lessons, where students are able to study at a very affordable price, enjoy the interaction of a group, and even immediately apply their new skills in a “worship team” type of setting.

However, unfortunately, many believers who are interested in taking music/worship lessons aren’t doing so simply because they or their parents can’t afford it – even at discounted rates for group lessons. 

King David, the man after God’s own heart, understood that worship was worth investing in: he hired 4,000 full-time paid musicians and 288 prophetic singers to worship the Lord (1 Chron. 23:5, 25:7).

You are welcome donate for an Israeli believer to have a scholarship for worship training.

King's club and hamitzvah

"King's Club" is the children's ministry of Carmel Congregation, led by Shayla. We are a vibrant, joyful, fun community—parallel to the adult congregation—of young God-followers who strive to seek Him, know Him, ask Him, abide in Him, worship Him, be filled with His Spirit, serve Him, obey Him and represent Him well to the world; not wasting a day or an opportunity now, or in adulthood, to fulfill God’s purposes for us on this earth. We draw closer to God through study, worship and fellowship together during the weekly services and through special outings and events. We represent many national, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds that all come together through the love of one Messiah.


"HaMitzvah" ("The Commandment") goes yet one step further--discipling fourth through sixth-graders and training them to serve in and out of the congregation through music, drama, storytelling, puppets, sound, video, dance, etc. We believe that we are not only the "ministers of the future," we are the ministers of today. God has given us energy, time and intelligence that can be used for His kingdom here and now as well as after we become "adults." We do not want to waste a day that God has given us on this earth.

Outreach training

We also inspire local Israeli believers to spread the Gospel more effectively through seminars and videos. Others have even used our videos at their conference as an example of how to share the Gospel in Israel.