Reaching the Unreachable

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How can you reach people in an ultra-Orthodox town with intense opposition to the Gospel? What seemed impossible for us is never impossible with God!

There’s an ultra-Orthodox town in the Galilee with a very strong religious opposition to Jesus, Yeshua. We’ve shared the Gospel in that city and shown the love of Messiah there, yet every time that we mentioned the name of Yeshua, angry crowds started to gather together and forced us to leave the area.

We started praying for the people in that town, and asked God, “How can these people be reached with the Gospel of Messiah?”​

A few months later, God surprised us when a friend contacted us about someone from that town: “There’s a young lady named Anna [name changed for sensitivity reasons] that joined our congregation recently. She watched your ‘Forbidden Chapter’ video and decided to follow Yeshua!”​

Praise be to God who is able to bypass walls of opposition and reach the unreachable! What seemed impossible to us is never too difficult for God!

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