Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro-Life and Gospel campaign

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Great Challenges, even Greater God | Unforgettable Miracles in Israel this Year

Reaching 70 million views, witnessing a homosexual transformed and women choosing life at the last second. All this and more turned 2021 to an incredible year!

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Urgent Prayer Request for Pro-Life

We are excited to share that we’re in the final stages of production before we launch our Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign. But there is a real spiritual battle here, and we have some crucial prayer requests to share with you.

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The Life-Changing Touch of God

Yulia was at a desperate point in her life, both physically and spiritually. And that’s exactly where God chose to touch her on the streets.

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The Choice

How far would you go to live out your faith? Idan faced threats, fears, and opposition, but what he chose and what God did are truly inspiring.

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Reaching the Unreachable

How can you reach people in an ultra-Orthodox town with intense opposition to the Gospel? What seemed impossible for us is never impossible with God!

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Over 23 Million Views and a Year of Salvations!

In the midst of this pandemic, God stirred up many Israelis this year to search for answers and to seek their Messiah - maybe more so than any single year in almost 2,000 years!

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