Amazing Miracles in Israeli Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign

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The expert said it was impossible. But what God did next absolutely blew us away! They tried to smother our Israeli Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign, but when many of you prayed, God proved once again that when He is for us, no one can stand against us!

Have you ever faced a situation so impossible that even the experts said, “There’s simply no way to solve this. It’s hopeless”?

We might worry or fret at those times, but God actually loves it when we come to the end of ourselves and look to Him. And He’s still the Expert at making the impossible - possible! 

A month ago we launched our long-awaited Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign here in Israel. There have been over 2 million abortions in Israel since 1948, and our hope and prayer has been that God would use this campaign - the first of its kind - to help end abortion in Israel and to reach those involved in it with the Good News of forgiveness in Jesus, Yeshua.

We were delighted to see that after the launch, the opening video, which shows what an abortion really is, started spreading rapidly, and responses from Israelis started flooding in. But then, two social media giants decided to remove all of our ads for the video, which usually means it's basically buried. 

A social media expert who deals with pro-life videos told us that he had never once succeeded in an appeal in situations like these. He said he just gave up on it. It’s impossible.

So we decided not to appeal until we asked for prayer from you all through our newsletter. Thank you to all of you who joined us in prayer and even fasting.

We submitted appeals for all of our ads, and waited. After investing so much time, energy, and funds in this crucial campaign, what would happen? 

We were absolutely blown away by what happened next.

On that same day of fasting and prayer, those two media platforms approved every single one of the ads! This was already a miracle, but it didn't end there.

They even approved ads that, up to that point, hadn't been approved yet!

Not only that, but one of the ads was reinstated before we even sent the appeal in! Who’s ever heard of such a thing?!

As the Lord said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

And the result? So far, the video has reached over 1.6 million views in just one month! (There are only around 5 million YouTube users per month in Israel in general.)

We've had a massive increase of visits to our evangelistic websites and social media pages. Thousands of Israelis have contacted us.

Of course, many are aggressively against us and our message. But we were surprised to see how many positive responses there have been. 

For example, one person wrote asking for the link: “Please send me your video - it really is life-saving! I saw it earlier and it gave me the goosebumps.” 

Many have called our helpline. One young lady, we’ll call her Shulamit, started bursting into tears from the moment she called. She said, “I don’t want to abort my baby, but we have so many financial problems and we really don’t know what to do.” Our counselor answered her, “Problems are only temporary, but your child will be a great blessing for your whole life.”  

She connected Shulamit with a pro-life counselor in her area, who can give her emotional, practical, and even financial support so that she can keep her baby. Please pray that she and many others will indeed choose life.

Also, quite a few Israelis who were involved in abortions - both women and men - have been deeply moved and convicted of their sin, and called us. 

One lady we’ll call Hila confessed that she had encouraged her friend to have an abortion. After seeing the video, she said, “Now I understand what I took part in. I feel a horrible weight of guilt. I don’t know how to deal with this.”  

Thankfully, we have Good News
we’ve been able to share with people like Hila. Some of them have agreed to connect with a counselor in their area to hopefully begin a course for finding healing after abortion.

We're actually working on finding Israeli believers in every area of the country who can be equipped to meet personally with these people, and walk with them as they find forgiveness and redemption through Jesus’ work at the cross. We believe that many of these people will find beauty from ashes in their Messiah, so we'd appreciate your fervent prayers!

There are a few other important things to pray for. While we were working on this update, we found out that another social media giant just significantly decreased the spread of our video on their platform. 

Also, many of our team members and their families have had major difficulties with sleeping, illnesses, and other attacks.

This is a massive spiritual battle, and we can’t win it without your prayers and God’s intervention.

We're committed to continuing until the people of Israel - and many people around the world - choose life, and find eternal life in Messiah. So we’re also working on releasing these videos in English and many other languages soon.

God is doing many other wonders, and not only through the Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign. There are so many stories of Israelis and people from other countries coming to faith through our online evangelism and outreaches to the poor. 

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