Gazan Hears about Jesus from Israelis, Saved Days before Death

Dynamic play buttonGazan Hears about Jesus from Israelis Saved Days before DeathGazan Hears about Jesus from Israelis Saved Days before Death

No one could have known how urgent the conversation with Hamudi from Gaza was – no one but God. And Hagar, like the Samaritan woman, has been looking for love in all the wrong places, but was surprised by a touch from God. 

Hamudi from northern Gaza first called our evangelistic hotline seven days before the war between Israel and Hamas started. 

What can stop him from ‘moving’ to know the God of Israel?

“I saw your website and I appreciated the content. I wish I could come live there in Israel, too,” Hamudi shared with our team member Roger, an Arab believer. 

Roger was thinking to himself, “Hamudi’s idea of moving to Israel isn’t feasible because of security concerns, but what can stop him from ‘moving’ to know the God of Israel?” 

And so, Roger began to sow seeds, speaking with Hamudi about the God of Israel and sharing about Jesus – or “Isa,” as He appears in the Quran.

Hamudi, in his mid 20s, acknowledged that Jesus, Yeshua, is a man of peace and a gift from God. But Roger explained that He’s so much more than a prophet and in Him is the salvation of our lives, from sin and death. He went into detail about the supernatural conception of Jesus and that Jesus Himself is the ‘Word of God,’ something that is usually rejected by Muslims but is surprisingly referenced in the Quran.

Hamudi in Gaza – now in the loving arms of Yeshua

Roger further verified these claims with verses from the New Covenant, like from John 1:1-18. Then he shared the beautiful stories of the miracles that Yeshua performed and the love He showed to others. He explained how all other prophets had fallen in sin at some point, except for Yeshua. And because He is sinless, and died for our sins in our place, then rose from the dead, He can grant them forgiveness and offer them eternal life.

“You know,” Hamudi said, “I feel real comfort and peace on the inside.”

Roger asked Hamudi if he would like to repent of his sins and receive Yeshua as Lord now. 

Roger was delighted that the seeds were falling on good soil – Hamudi prayed to receive Him!

Roger wanted to know how Hamudi felt now. “You know,” Hamudi said, “I feel real comfort and peace on the inside.”

The two stayed in touch and Roger contacted him once again on October 10th, just days after the October 7th massacre that led to today’s conflict.

Hamudi described in distress and sadness that missiles were landing everywhere and sent a picture he took of the destruction that surrounded him. Hamudi was in tears, “Those who are suffering the most from these situations are the civilians.”

Hamudi then used a term that Muslims seldom use, calling God ‘Al-rab’ (which means LORD). And he prayed that ‘Al-rab’ would protect us in Israel as well.

Hamudi also reported that there are many Gazan civilians that are trying to evacuate the north of Gaza according to the IDF’s commands to evacuate the area – as they had received leaflets urging them to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip – but that Hamas isn’t allowing them to leave, since it wants to use them as human shields.

Roger encouraged Hamudi to pray Psalm 91 every day and shared the powerful Psalm as a song for Hamudi to listen to.

Hamudi painted in words the chaos and carnage, and disclosed that as they were talking – the buildings around him were collapsing after being hit by missiles. He trembled, “At any moment I might die.”

Roger contacted a friend from the area that may have some knowledge about where to find safety, and encouraged Hamudi to pray Psalm 91 every day and shared the powerful Psalm as a song for Hamudi to listen to. “I’m praying for you and for all the innocent people there,” Roger said.

This was the last conversation Roger would have with Hamudi.

Roger tried to reach out to Hamudi more over the next few weeks without success. He was worried something had happened to him and began to check out his Facebook profile. And then he saw it: Under Hamudi’s posts he saw that his friends had written posts eulogizing him.

His good friend also posted a picture remembering Hamudi – RIP 18.10.2023.

It turns out that one Hamudi's family members was a senior Hamas terrorist who was involved in planning major terror attacks in Israel over two decades, and was killed just months ago.

One family – two very different paths.

After the passing of Hamudi, Roger wept and was left with a bittersweet feeling.

Roger tried to contact him, he tried to find a way for him to escape, to help him. But even though he couldn’t help him in that way, he can rest knowing that he helped save Hamudi’s eternal spirit. By God’s grace, he was able to connect him to a place where there is no suffering or pain, away from the anguish in Gaza. And what a joy it is to know that Hamudi is in a joyful, peaceful, and loving place, in the arms of His Savior, Yeshua!

Broken Heart Chooses Life, Touched by the Love of God

“Look, I’m pregnant, and I don’t want it. I’m just not interested,” read the message from Hagar to our pro-life hotline.

She’s been divorced twice and feels unworthy of any good man’s attention, so she started dating Muslim men that are already married.

She’s tragically had four abortions, including an abortion of twins. She currently has two teenage boys in boarding school and her daughter was taken by Social Services because Hagar couldn’t adequately provide for her.

Our hotline counselor asked, “Why do you want to give up on this baby?”

Hagar reasoned, “Because Social Services will just take him too.”

Months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Adam.

“But if they see that you’re stable, you can keep your baby,” our counselor replied. “This time will be different – you will have support, counsel, and practical help from us.”

Hagar agreed to meet the next day and after deliberating, she made the choice to keep the baby! Months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Adam.

Our team member Rachel saw the encouragement that Hagar so greatly needed and drove with a fellow believer, Batya, to visit Hagar. Rachel looked her in the eyes, “Hagar, can I ask you something?” Hagar nodded.

“Do you feel you are unworthy of the love of an unmarried man?” Rachel continued.

Hagar barely mumbled a “yes” before she burst into tears. Years of being repressed by her mother and being overlooked by others because she was a single mother of four children – all of it came bubbling to the surface. She also didn’t believe there were any good men out there.

Batya opened up with Hagar how she is married to a wonderful man who tells her every day that he loves her, even after having survived a previously failed marriage. Batya also shared her testimony of how she came to believe Yeshua is the Messiah of the Jewish people. When Batya met the Lord, she was no longer dependent on her ex-husband.

Rachel asked Hagar if she'd like to pray with them that she would experience the same thing Batya did – to know and to be totally in love with her Creator, to have an irreplaceable love that she wouldn’t need to "hunt" for in married men.

Hagar excitedly agreed. Rachel and Batya each cradled one of Hagars’ hands in their own and prayed for her.

Hagar understood that she needs to break up with her current boyfriend – a married man. The two women also encouraged Hagar to forgive her mother for not supporting and affirming her and making her feel like the black-sheep of the family since she was born out of wedlock, unlike her siblings. They prayed for Hagar and gave her a Bible.

Please pray for Hagar, that she'd fully know Yeshua's love, read God's Word, receive him as Lord and embrace a new identity as His beloved Bride.

Please Pray with Us: 

  • For our follow-up with thousands of Israeli seekers who saw our evangelistic videosfor many more salvations. For example:
    – Ran, 72 years old, has been researching the faith for some time and ordered a New Testament. He feels he’s very close to coming to faith, but said he needs to be more certain that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. He wants to visit a congregation. Let's pray that he will receive a revelation of Jesus as his Lord and God!
  • For all the new believers (see more stories here), including:
    – Tami, a 50-year-old religious woman from the south of Israel, believes that Yeshua is the Messiah but has hidden her faith from her family and friends out of fear. She has many questions! Every time she begins to draw closer to Yeshua, she experiences attacks – car accidents, disease, and more. Please pray for her and many others like her to have courage, protection, and victory in the spirit as we help her grow in the Lord and connect her with local believers.
  • For wisdom and grace in producing our discipleship videos running the discipleship groups and WhatsApp seeker groups 
  • For international impact – for God’s direction and provision as we seek to reach more people around the world in multiple languages with the Gospel and the inspiring stories of God’s work in Israel
  • For our Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign:
    – For Irena, who chose life and is about to give birth to her fifth child. Her 18-month old child is in critical condition with an enlarged brain. 
    – For Mor, who gave birth to Alex recently after having received our help. She’s asking for prayer for her daughter, Liel, who is suffering from serious anxiety, and has struggled with cystitis for the last five years. After praying together, our counselor Rene spoke with Mor about Jesus' love for them and how He's waiting for them. Please pray that Liel will be healed, and that Mor and her whole household will be saved.
  • For a breakthrough with ads – many of our ads are being blocked for totally unfounded reasons; let’s agree together for God to intervene so His truth will spread more!
  • For Israel and Gaza: that the many heartbroken people in this region would find true healing in Messiah, that Hamas would be destroyed and people set free from its ideology and violent control, that God would protect innocent lives on both sides, and for the hostages – that God would bring them home
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