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Did you know that about 100 children in Israel lose their lives to abortion every day? That’s about 40,000 Israelis every year, and 2 million lives since the birth of modern Israel in 1948.

This is the very people of which God said, “Israel is My son, My firstborn” (Exodus 4:22). Can you imagine the depth of God’s compassion and the fire of His jealous love when He sees His own son, Israel, on the way to death?

We’re grateful for the tireless work of several pro-life organizations in Israel that have saved many lives. But unfortunately, unlike other nations where abortion is a hot topic, in Israel, almost no one talks about it. The vast majority of people just assume that’s what you do with unwanted pregnancies.

Most Israelis have never heard the basic scientific facts and Scriptures showing that life begins at conception.


Although until recently we as a ministry hadn’t been involved in pro-life work, during a time of fasting and prayer, we sensed God speaking to several of us at once about the same topic: He gave a clear call for us to take a stand between the living and the dead and stop the plague of abortion (Numbers 16:48).

God stirred our hearts to help save these precious children in the womb and to reach those who’ve been involved in abortions with the Gospel of forgiveness and healing found in the Messiah.

​God stirred our hearts to help save these precious children in the womb and to reach those who’ve been involved in abortions with the Gospel of forgiveness and healing found in the Messiah.

So we’re partnering with Israel Pro-Life (Be’ad Chaim) to help end abortion in Israel through a massive public campaign.

We’re creating multiple video series and ads and are praying and planning about how to inspire and equip local believers to get involved in this movement and proclaim life to Israelis.

“I’m really excited that Tree of Life Ministries has decided to 

Our partner, Sandy Shoshani, National Director, Israel Pro-Life (Be’ad Chaim)

work with Be’ad Chaim, Israel Pro-Life, because we want to save babies in

Israel together from abortion. This is such a fantastic thing!”


After much prayer and research, these are the elements of the campaign we believe the Lord has led us to so far. We are, of course, open to His leading in adjusting these plans, as we want to fully accomplish His will and not ours.

Stage 1: National Survey on Abortion

We’ve almost completed a comprehensive national survey about abortion that will be the first of its kind in Israel. The goal is to obtain updated statistics on abortion, to understand Israelis’ opinions about abortion and the reasons they have abortions. Please pray that we’ll be able to use this information to craft a powerful and compelling campaign that will speak to their hearts and minds.

Stage 2: Testimony Video Series

This series will include several powerful stories, such as Larissa’s: a woman who was deeply emotionally damaged after an abortion, yet chose life for her next child and also found healing and forgiveness in Messiah.

Larissa sharing her touching story on camera with us.

Today, she works with Israel Pro-Life, Be’ad Chaim, and helps other women choose life.

We’re also planning, Lord-willing, to film the testimonies of an abortion survivor who ultimately gave her life to Jesus, Yeshua, and of a family that chose not to abort their mentally handicapped child.

Approximate need: $63,800 for producing, filming, editing, advertising to 2 million Israelis (plus social shares), and follow-up online and in personal meetings

Stage 3: Documentary Video Series

This 5-part series will deal, Lord-willing, with the truth about abortion, the scientific evidence for life from conception, what God says about life and abortion, answers to pro-abortion arguments, and the hope, forgiveness, and healing available in the Messiah.

Approximate need: $77,400 for producing, filming, editing, advertising to 2 million Israelis (plus social shares), and follow-up online and in personal meetings

Stage 4: Street Interviews Video

In this video, we’ll talk with Israelis on the streets about abortion.

When we’ve shared the basic facts about life in the womb with Israelis on the streets, they’ve often changed their minds and realized that abortion is killing. This weighty moral issue (and the guilt that some felt while speaking about it) has actually become an incredible opportunity to share about the grace and forgiveness found in the Gospel of Messiah.

For example, when we asked one man his opinion about abortion, he said he thought it was fine and necessary sometimes. Then we shared about how you can hear the heartbeat after just 18 days and how there’s unique, individual DNA of the child on the very day of conception. He was shocked and said, “Wait, you mean I’ve killed two people?”

But this deep conviction of his sin of being involved in two abortions led to a powerful conversation about how God sent His Son to take all our sin upon Himself, and how we can receive forgiveness and new life through faith in Him, no matter what we’ve done.

After sharing this, we asked, "Do you want to repent of your sins and follow Yeshua?"


Deeply touched by the message, he thought for a moment, then responded, "Yes."


Praise God who turns around what the enemy meant for destruction and uses it as a way to bring others to true life in Messiah!

Our goal is to capture conversations like that on camera and share them in this video.

Approximate need: $28,450 for producing, filming, editing, advertising to 2 million Israelis (plus social shares), and follow-up online and in personal meetings

Stage 5: Believers on the Streets Campaign

For this campaign to be successful, we’ll need as many believers as possible to get involved, both in prayer and in action.

Who would have believed that slave trade could ever be abolished? This cruel practice was so ingrained in culture in the 1700s that it seemed impossible to stop. But when William Wilberforce and other followers of Jesus rose up in a powerful movement of prayer and social action, God ultimately used it to end slave trade.

We believe God wants to do something similar about abortion, and we’ve already seen fruit from going out on the streets ourselves. We’re looking forward to stirring up believers from across the country equipped with practical training, iPads to show videos, and more to reach Israelis with the message of Life.

Approximate need: $48,650 for inter-congregational events, practical training of volunteers, handouts, posters, iPads, and more

Stage 6: Massive Ad Campaign on TV, billboards, newspaper, radio, signs on public transport

When politicians run for office, they put tons of ads on TV and the radio and plaster their face and slogan all over billboards, buses, and everything in between. Why should a campaign for saving lives deserve anything less?

Although these kinds of ads are very expensive, if they save even one invaluable life, they are more than worth it! We’ve already been developing ideas for these ads and can’t wait to reach this stage of the campaign and have, Lord-willing, a massive influence on public opinion.

We believe that once Israeli’s hearts are changed on this topic, the law will also be changed, outlawing abortion. With God all things are possible!

Approximate need: $694,500 for ad exposure to multiplied millions of Israelis through TV, billboards, newspaper, radio, and signs on public transport

Stage 7: World-wide Impact

God’s heart has always been for all the nations and not only for Israel. In the same way, we’d like to translate these videos and related websites into at least 18 languages so that they can touch people around the world with the message of life for children in the womb and eternal life for all through the Gospel of Messiah.

Approximate need: $174,900 for translating videos and websites, advertising to 14 million online (plus social shares, which could multiply views several-fold)

Children whose lives were saved from abortion by our partner, Israel Pro-Life. May there be many more like them!


1. Pray

God’s deep desire is to bring blessing and life to the world through Israel. But first Israel has to choose life itself. God said, “For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch” (Isaiah 62:1).

In fact, He calls all believers to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, saying, “You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7).

We’re so grateful for how Christians around the world pray for the protection of Israel. But did you know that the number of Israelis killed by abortion is about 100 times as many as those who’ve died in all the wars and terrorism attacks in modern Israel’s history?!

We believe that a whole army of prayer warriors is needed to win such a massive battle and stop abortion, and would like to ask you to join in praying with us for this issue that is so close to God’s heart.

2. Share

Do you know of any other believers and/or prayer groups in your congregation or area that may be interested in taking up this cause? Please share this page on social media! Would you also please send personal messages to any people you believe especially need to hear about this, such as pastors or prayer group leaders?

3. Support

We’ve already filmed the first testimony in our Testimonies Series, Larissa’s (mentioned above), and have just begun editing, but we’re lacking the support we need to finish this project.

The truth is, we don’t even currently have enough monthly support to keep moving forward. So how can we even think about such massive plans as this campaign? Because our God is fully able to supply!

If He’s touched your heart about this, would you also please consider partnering with us on a monthly basis so that we can complete not only this video but also launch the rest of this campaign? We honestly can’t do this without your prayers and support.



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