Part of the "Tree of Life" team, together with volunteers, distributing hot cider to the people and share the gospel with them.


Our team mobilizes local believers to share the Good News and show God’s love practically on the streets, in hospitals, through outreach events, and more.

​Out of a deep desire to see all Israel saved, we launched an inter-congregational initiative in our area called “Unconditional Love” to share the Gospel face-to-face with Israelis.​

We mobilize local believers to demonstrate God’s goodness on the streets: passing out hot apple cider, offering face painting and portraits, playing music and more.​

Many Israelis are surprised and touched by this, and ask, “Why are you doing all this for free?”

​This has opened up doors for thousands of fruitful conversations where we shared of God’s beautiful love and free gift of salvation for sinners through the Messiah's sacrificial death and resurrection.​

When Israelis see us – Jews, Arabs, and people from many backgrounds – sharing the Gospel in unity, many times they are deeply moved by this living testimony of the beauty of God’s Kingdom and the power of Jesus, Yeshua, to change hearts.

A volunteer sharing the gospel with people on the street.
Two volunteers (a guy and a girl) who took part in sharing the gospel with people on the street, during the evening. The guy is playing a Middle Eastern musical instrument.
Ariel and a volunteer, share the gospel with people on the street.
A volunteer sharing the gospel with people on the street.

Both on the streets and on hospital outreaches, we offer prayer for the sick and God has often confirmed the Word by healing people. We share with them that as important as physical healing is, what’s truly important is to be healed of the disease of sin and receive forgiveness, a relationship with God, and eternal life through Messiah’s work at the cross.​

We also use every opportunity (holidays, cultural events, etc.) to organize and participate in events where we can share testimonies and the Gospel.

​Amazingly, different groups of Israelis (from young adults to retirees) have actually invited us to come share with them about who we are as followers of Jesus, Yeshua, and what we believe. This is a true breakthrough – for the last 2,000 years most Jewish people have been far from open to the Gospel. Now some are actually asking to hear it!​

By God’s grace, we’ve seen Israelis come to faith through these encounters. Many have taken New Testaments and evangelistic materials, and we’re continuing to follow up with those who’ve shown an interest.

A pile of "supernatural or just remarkable?" booklets.