A man in a button-down shirt, leaning with his forearms on a wooden table, with a watch on his left hand, with a wedding ring on his right hand, with a pen between the fingers of his right hand, holding a page from the Bible lying on the table in front of him.

for the Harvest

A standing man, with a button-down shirt and tie. He's holding a microphone in his left hand and uses his right hand to explain what he is saying. In front of him on a stand, lay his laptop and Bible.


In Israel today there’s more interest in Jesus, Yeshua, than any time in nearly 2,000 years, but the number of Israeli believers who can share their faith effectively is far too small to reach those interested.​

Our passion is to help raise up many more effective laborers for the harvest – both online and on the streets.​

Our workshops and training videos are designed to equip people in such areas as:

  • Sharing the Gospel effectively
  • Our identity in Messiah
  • Answering common Jewish objections to Yeshua
  • How to shift topics to talking about God
  • How to start conversations
  • Praying for the sick, and more

After the teaching, we go out on the streets together two by two, so people can see live examples of how to share the Gospel, then gain experience themselves. They've shared with us that the practical training helps them overcome fears and develop a lifestyle of sharing the Gospel wherever they go.​

We train people to connect with the thousands of Israelis who’ve been responding to our videos on social media and answer their questions about the faith. The need is so great that we’re seeking to expand our online response team.

Ariel stands, with a black shirt and a microphone in his right hand, Eliel stands to his right, with a plaid shirt and a microphone in his right hand. They both raise their left hand and pray.

Fostering Unity
and Prayer

When Jews, Arabs, and believers from many backgrounds come together with one heart and one vision, God’s heart is stirred, He gives greater anointing and commands the blessing of eternal life, just as He promised (Psalm 133).​

So we felt God leading us to start inviting local pastors and people with a heart for evangelism to joint prayer breakfasts, in order to increase unity for the sake of spreading the Gospel more effectively together.​

And now God is doing something exciting: Believers from many congregations in our area have begun going out to share the Gospel together (sometimes even over 60 local believers at once!). We’ve been able to organize much larger events and reach out to many more people.

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