Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro-Life and Gospel campaign

Dynamic play buttonWave of New Disciples in Israel | Most Dramatic Pro-Life Story We’ve Ever Seen

Launching Our First Discipleship Groups | Mother Saves Daughter at Last Second

It was a long road to this moment, but we’re excited to launch discipleship groups here in Israel! Also, hear the unbelievable pro-life story that happened in the surgery room for an abortion.

Dynamic play buttonWhat Happens When a Prostitute Meets Jesus

What Happens When a Prostitute Meets Jesus

Lola was caught in a spiral of drugs and prostitution from her youth. She tried escaping through suicide, but ultimately found freedom and life at the feet of Jesus.

Dynamic play buttonOrthodox Jewish Woman Now Boldly Proclaiming Jesus

Orthodox Jewish Woman Now Boldly Proclaiming Jesus

Gila found true freedom in Jesus, her King, and now unashamedly testifies of Him everywhere she goes with great zeal – even in the supermarket!

Dynamic play buttonDemon-possessed, Suicidal Israeli Man Now Saved by Jesus!

Demon-possessed, Suicidal Israeli Man Now Saved by Jesus!

Micah was one of the last people you could ever imagine would come to faith in Jesus. But what God did in his life sounds like it’s taken straight out of the Bible.

Dynamic play button15 Receive Jesus as Lord! Astounding Breakthroughs on the Streets of Israel!

Lost Sheep of the House of Israel Starting to See the True Messiah!

God promised that “all Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26), yet after 2,000 years of intense opposition to the Gospel, it was difficult to see how this would really happen.

Dynamic play buttonImpossible Situations, Incredible Deliverance, A Year of Great Redemption

Millions Reached with Gospel in Israel and the World | Exciting Updates for Next Year

In 2022, as we’ve been sharing the Good News online and on the streets, we’ve experienced the power of the Gospel as a mighty, rushing river, bringing life into some of the most hopeless situations we’ve ever seen.

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