Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro Life campaign

2.5 Million Gospel views in 10 days! Babies rescued from abortion now born!

Sometimes in life something so tremendous happens that you have to just stop, look at all that God has done, and celebrate with a grateful heart.

Launching a Massive Evangelistic Campaign (while in Isolation!)

No matter how much the enemy of our soul attacks, our Messiah is still building His congregation, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it!

Dramatic Stories of Israelis Courageously Choosing Jesus and Life

"Some of the stories we’re about to share with you caused me to weep tears of joy, because it’s so overwhelming and beautiful to see what God is doing here in Israel!"

A Whirlwind of Salvation, Healing and Gospel Breakthroughs

Just in the past few days, we’re experiencing a whirlwind of God’s Spirit moving in people’s hearts and bringing breakthroughs, healing, and salvation!

Inspiring Stories of Salvation and New Life in Israel!

Israelis are being saved from their sins and Israeli babies are being rescued in the womb! And some surprising good news from the Arab world!

Amazing Miracles in Israeli Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign

The expert said it was impossible. But what God did next absolutely blew us away! They tried to smother our Israeli Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign, but when many of you prayed, God proved once again that when He is for us, no one can stand against us!

and we’ll be sharing their stories soon.
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