Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro-Life and Gospel campaign

Dynamic play buttonHow the Light of the Gospel is Breaking through in the War in Israel

Two Surprising Things the News isn’t Reporting about the War in Israel

We’ve all been hearing a lot about the war in Israel, but we want to share with you two significant things you probably haven’t heard in the news that are going to change the course of history.

Dynamic play buttonThe Return of the Prodigal Son No Pit is Too Deep for God

The Return of the Prodigal Son – No Pit is Too Deep for God

Noam’s story inspires us to see how God is still pursuing prodigals today, and when we join Him in prayer and persevering love for them, He does wonders!

Dynamic play buttonCries of Hope Two Israeli Babies Saved from Death

Cries of Hope – Two Israeli Babies Saved from Death

In times of war and mourning in Israel, we’re delighted to work together with God to bring life in this land that He loves, defying the darkness.

Dynamic play buttonWalking on Water – Israeli-Ethiopian Begins Walk of Faith

Walking on Water – Israeli-Ethiopian Begins Walk of Faith

Hedva was interested in the Gospel, but something none of us knew about was holding her back, until a life-changing moment at the Mediterranean Sea.

Dynamic play buttonUnprecedented Openness to the Gospel and Healing Miracles in Israel!

Jesus Heals Israeli Soldiers-in-Training, Captivates their Hearts with the Gospel

When we came to share our faith with an Israeli pre-military preparatory program, every single person in the room was in awe of what God did - including us!

Dynamic play buttonGazan Hears about Jesus from Israelis Saved Days before Death

Gazan Hears about Jesus from Israelis, Saved Days before Death

No one could have known how urgent the conversation with Hamudi from Gaza was - no one but God. And Hagar, like the Samaritan woman, has been looking for love in all the wrong places, but was surprised by a touch from God.

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