I’m so glad my parents chose not to abort me.But what about all the other kids?

Shouldn’t we save their lives, too?

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From Regret and Grief to New Life and Joy in Messiah

After having an abortion, Larissa from Jerusalem found herself pregnant, alone, and broken. But then she made a courageous decision, received forgiveness in Messiah, and now inspires others to choose life.

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Israeli Abortion Survivor Meets Jesus Her Savior

Her mom tried to abort her. She tried to take her own life. But then she found the reason for life in Messiah, and now has a life-changing message for you.

Did you know?

A baby’s heart is already beating by the 21st day of pregnancy.

So from that point
An abortion stops a beating heart!


The myth

"It's not a baby, it's a clump of cells"

The truth

From the moment of conception, the moment that the man’s sperm unites with the woman’s egg, a new human life begins - with new DNA, unique to that child. Here are some more facts you might not know about children in the womb…

The myth

"My Body, My Choice"

The truth

A woman does indeed have a right over her body, and we should respect that right. But in the case of pregnancy, we’re not just dealing with the woman’s body, but also with a baby living in her womb. He’s not just an organ in her body - he’s a unique and complete human being in and of himself…

Welcome to life

How does a baby develop in the womb from the moment of conception until birth? This touching and beautiful video shows how every one of us came into the world. Enjoy!

A person is a person,
No matter how small
Dr. Seuss
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