All Israel Will Be Saved 
21 Day Prayer Guide for Israel
With powerful promises from Scripture and practical prayer points

Free Prayer Guide for Israel

For 21 days, join us in praying for Israel’s salvation, which God has promised will bring “life from the dead” to the rest of the world (Romans 11:11-15).

Each day of this prayer guide focuses on a key prayer topic for Israel, and contains strategic prayer points that show what the main strongholds and challenges on the ground are in Israel.

And each day also includes powerful promises and proclamations from Scripture related to each topic that will inspire your faith, help you see God’s plans and purposes, and give you a glimpse into His heart for His people, Israel.


Want to go in more depth? You’re also welcome to listen to our 21 podcasts for the Isaiah 62 Fast, where we share insights from the Scriptures about these same daily topics along with inspiring stories of how God is fulfilling His promises and changing lives here in Israel through the power of the Gospel.

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