Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro-Life and Gospel campaign

Dynamic play buttonIsraeli and Ukrainian flags with one woman broken and another victorious

Israelis and Ukrainians who Experienced Abuse and War find New Life and Hope in Messiah

Battles and brokenness are all around us, but the beautiful thing is that the One who healed us is able to heal every broken heart. And Jesus, Yeshua, is doing just that here in Israel, and even in Ukraine!

Dynamic play buttonSea split in two. In the water wall on the left, there's an image of a baby sleeping on his mother's chest. In the water wall on the right, there's an image of people standing in a line and placing their hands on each other's shoulders.

Great Challenges, even Greater God | Unforgettable Miracles in Israel this Year

Reaching 70 million views, witnessing a homosexual transformed and women choosing life at the last second. All this and more turned 2021 to an incredible year!

Dynamic play buttonA woman who's about to kiss her baby, with small waterfalls in the background. In the upper right part of the image there's the following text "Gospel flooding all of Israel!" In the lower right part of the image there's the following text "Firstfruits and miracles in pro-life work!"

Firstfruits and Miracles – Babies Rescued from Abortion Now Born!

Sometimes in life something so tremendous happens that you have to just stop, look at all that God has done, and celebrate with a grateful heart.

Dynamic play buttonA man with a beard and eyeglasses, looks at the 'Medabrim' website. The text "Launching a massive evangelistic campaign, while in isolation!" appears at the bottom part of the image.

Launching a Massive Evangelistic Campaign (while in Isolation!)

No matter how much the enemy of our soul attacks, our Messiah is still building His congregation, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it!

Dynamic play buttonOn the left side of the image, a bald man with a beard. On the right side of the image, a pregnant woman. In the background, a sunset over a beach. The text "Saved at the last minute, redeemed forevermore" appears in the center of the image.

Dramatic Stories of Israelis Courageously Choosing Jesus and Life

"Some of the stories we’re about to share with you caused me to weep tears of joy, because it’s so overwhelming and beautiful to see what God is doing here in Israel!"

Dynamic play buttonOn the right side of the image, there's a man smiling, with a beard. On the left side of the image, there's a cluster of trees. In the lower left part of the image, the text "A whirlwind of salvation, healing and gospel breakthroughs!" appears.

A Whirlwind of Salvation, Healing and Gospel Breakthroughs

Just in the past few days, we’re experiencing a whirlwind of God’s Spirit moving in people’s hearts and bringing breakthroughs, healing, and salvation!

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