Stories from the Harvest

Some extraordinary things God has done through our online and street evangelism and Pro-Life and Gospel campaign

Dynamic play buttonJordanian Muslim turns to Jesus after hearing Gospel from Israelis

Jordanian Muslim turns to Jesus after hearing Gospel from Israelis

What’s the cure to the darkness and violence we’re facing in the Middle East? Triumphant stories like Zaid’s salvation and Ronit’s change of heart give us great hope and pierce the darkness like bright shining stars.

Dynamic play buttonMiraculously Delivered from Hamas and Abortion

Miraculously Delivered from Hamas and Abortion

In Israel, we say that whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the entire world. And we’re delighted to share that even in this war, God has saved many lives through our Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign!

Dynamic play buttonIsraelis Find Prince of Peace During War. How You Can Make a Difference.

Special Report from Israel: Gospel Spreading in the Midst of Crisis

Many in Israel feel that this is the darkest hour we’ve experienced as a nation, but even in the valley of the shadow of death, Israelis are finding new life in Jesus, Yeshua!

Dynamic play buttonIsraeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by Jesus

Israeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by Jesus

There are defining moments in the life of a nation that have the potential to change its direction for generations to come. Many sense that this is such a moment in Israel.

Dynamic play buttonGovernment Persecution Leads to Salvation

Government Persecution Leads to Salvation

What was intended to shut down our outreach, God used to help us reach people we wouldn’t have otherwise. The Gospel continues to spread on the streets of Israel!

Dynamic play buttonWave of New Disciples in Israel | Most Dramatic Pro-Life Story We’ve Ever Seen

Launching Our First Discipleship Groups | Mother Saves Daughter at Last Second

It was a long road to this moment, but we’re excited to launch discipleship groups here in Israel! Also, hear the unbelievable pro-life story that happened in the surgery room for an abortion.

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