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A balding man, with eyeglasses and a short beard. Standing and behind him a stage with the equipment of the worship group on it.Dynamic play button

Dani Sayag

Lead Pastor, Carmel Congregation

"God is using them to disciple believers, to preach the Gospel, to create videos and use social media in bringing the Gospel to our people. And they are doing a great job."

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Peter Tsukahira

Co-Founder, Carmel Congregation

"Tree of Life Ministries is one of the great expressions of this movement to bring Yeshua back to His own people, in His own language, in His own nation, after 2,000 years."

A man with a short white beard, eyeglasses and a hat. Sitting and behind him a bookcase and pictures on the wall.Dynamic play button

Eitan Shishkoff

Co-Founder, Tents of Mercy Network

"I can't recommend highly enough for you to get involved in this work which is changing the face of things spiritually, in the land of Yeshua, the land of Israel."

A pile of "supernatural or just remarkable?" booklets.