Israeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by Jesus

Dynamic play buttonIsraeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by JesusIsraeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by Jesus

There are defining moments in the life of a nation that have the potential to change its direction for generations to come. Many sense that this is such a moment in Israel. 

Even in the midst of a war in Israel, God is working in powerful ways. 

We’re so grateful for your prayers, and are excited to report that our new evangelistic video sharing the Gospel in the midst of this crisis in Israel is already online and having an impact! 

This was by far the fastest we’ve ever been able to create this kind of video, and we know God was answering your prayers!

Many Israelis feel that the government broke its covenant with our people, not fulfilling its first duty, to defend us. And in our new video, after grieving with them over our loss, we show how the only One who is always wise, good, undefeatable, and worthy of our trust is God Himself. 

And even though we broke our covenant with Him, He offers us a new covenant where we can find forgiveness, a personal relationship with Him, and everlasting life (Jeremiah 31:31-34). We then show how Jesus, Yeshua, fulfilled the Messianic prophecies and made this covenant with us by shedding His blood to atone for our sins.

Our new video in Hebrew. English version coming soon.

We sense this is a crucial moment for our people to hear this message, and our goal is to reach millions of lives in Israel. We’d appreciate your prayers that it will spread rapidly and bear fruit!

We’re seeing a greater openness to the Gospel and more New Testament orders since the war began. And Israelis are coming to faith during this war!

Israeli Soldier Bombarded with Mortars, but Blown Away by Jesus

David contacted us from the battlefield on the tense border with Gaza, “I’m getting bombarded with mortars as we speak!” he said to our team member, Daniel. 

“I hope I will make it out alive.”

David is 28 years old, single and secular from Tel Aviv. He used to define himself as a “complete atheist,” but lately he began a spiritual journey – he delved into Orthodox Judaism and even Buddhism. He was also bouncing between our evangelistic videos and the counter-missionary videos of others until one day, on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), he declared to himself, “It’s either Yeshua or atheism!”

When I finished reading Matthew, I felt full of peace and joy.

David asked God for a definitive sign whether Jesus, Yeshua, is the Life and the Truth. From that moment, David felt the urge to read the testimonies about the life of Yeshua. He opened the New Testament and began reading the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.

“When I finished reading Matthew, I felt full of peace and joy, David exclaimed. “I felt that same force pull all the anxiety and pain out of my body and felt a complete calm that I had never felt before! After reading Mark, I know Yeshua is the Messiah.”

David has a great thirst to know more about Yeshua. Daniel shared his personal testimony of salvation – how God saved him from a wild life, and how He became a Father to Daniel after his biological father rejected him and kicked him out.

Daniel also encouraged David in his belief and told him not to fear how some people may react, because he had found the greatest treasure in the world! Daniel asked David if he wanted to accept Yeshua personally in his life.

David decided to confess Yeshua as Lord and Savior, then he said excitedly, “I feel like I’m part of the team now! But I still need to be baptized.”

David studying Messianic prophecies on the frontlines

Back to the battlefield. After the October 7th massacre, David was called up for reserve duty in a combat paratrooper unit. There, on the border, he contacted Daniel with his concerns. He was surrounded by religious Jewish soldiers praying from the traditional prayer books, wearing the prayer garments, and phylacteries (boxes with texts from the Hebrew Bible in them). 

This truth is mind-blowing and so clear. “How can someone misinterpret this?!”

David was anxious, “I’m worried that believing in Yeshua would be a betrayal to my people. I’m afraid that I would be cutting myself off from the nation by following Yeshua.”

Once again, David asked God for a sign to affirm and embolden his belief. What happened in response is a testament to God’s faithfulness to act in mysterious and beautiful ways.

Out of nowhere, a family member on the other side of the planet who never talks about God, suddenly reached out, saying, “David, just to let you know, I’m praying to God and Jesus to help you.”

Upon hearing this, Daniel exclaimed, “That’s the sign, man, the one you asked for!”

Daniel is continuing to read through and explain the Messianic prophecies from the Hebrew Bible to David as he’s on the frontlines.

As mortars were falling around David, they were reading from Micah 5 where it says the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem but would exist from eternity. David said that this truth is mind-blowing and so clear. He exclaimed, “How can someone misinterpret this?” 

David wants to spread the Gospel so all our people will know our Messiah. In fact, he’s been sharing about Yeshua there in the army. He shared Isaiah 53 with his Orthodox Jewish friend, and his friend couldn’t refute his point that this is about Yeshua.

In the midst of the war, David (like King David) proclaimed, “I’m trusting in God, that He will keep me alive so I can continue to study the Bible.”

Amen! Let us pray in agreement for David for protection, for growth in his faith, and that he would be a light in the midst of the darkness he’s facing.

Please Pray with Us:

  • For our new evangelistic video to spread without hindrance – that we’d have supernatural favor on social media platforms, that many would share this message with others, and that it’d literally reach millions
  • For Israelis’ hearts to be soft and turn to God and Yeshua – that as King David said, our people would proclaim, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” (Psalm 20:7)
  • For anointing in follow-up – that our follow-up team would have wisdom, grace, health, protection, and see much fruit for God’s glory
  • For God to send us more laborers and provide for them – that exactly the right people with a burning heart for God and for the lost would join our team
  • For our Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign – that God would continue to save lives through it, that He’d give strength and wisdom to our hotline counselors, and that all the pro-life ads would fully run (there have been significant disruptions recently)
  • For God’s intervention in the whole war – for the Israeli hostages to be set free, for victory over Islamic terrorists, for God’s supernatural protection for innocents on both sides, for wisdom and courage for Israeli leaders, for salvation in Israel and in Gaza
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