Miracles while Filming our Newest Evangelistic Street Interview

Dynamic play buttonMiracles while Filming our Newest Evangelistic Street InterviewMiracles while Filming our Newest Evangelistic Street Interview

God supernaturally intervened and did miracles precisely while we were sharing the Gospel and filming about His supernatural intervention and miracles in Israel’s history! What a great God we serve!

We’re so grateful to all of you for your prayers for the filming of our newest evangelistic street interview. We saw such a multitude of answered prayers that one can’t deny the divine orchestration of it all!

About two weeks ago, we were planning to film the next morning, then late at night we heard reports that for the first time in history, Iran had launched a direct attack against Israel. Over 300 drones and missiles were supposed to arrive during the middle of the night or the next morning.

It’s probably considered common sense that when the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism launches a massive attack against your nation, you don’t go filming on the streets the next morning. But I had a strong sense in my heart from the Lord, “Don’t worry. And don’t stop preparing. You’re still going out tomorrow.”

Many of the interviewees specifically cited what had happened the night before as another example of God’s divine help!

So we prepared, and sure enough, 99% of all the drones and missiles Iran sent were intercepted, and not a single person died. It was really quite miraculous!

One of the primary questions in the interviews was, “Has Israel done everything on its own, or has God been involved in our history?” And many of the interviewees specifically cited what had happened the night before as another example of God’s divine help! What the enemy meant for evil, God turned into another testimony of His goodness, power, and faithfulness.

We’ve always seen how having people praying for the filming makes such a huge difference, but this time we sensed the Lord wanted to do something new: We asked some people to join us to pray live during the entire two days of outreach and filming. And the result of this increase in prayer was a wonderful increase in answered prayers!

We saw God touch every single person in a significant way during the filming.

What took us 16 interviews and several weeks of filming to produce before, we now felt that God completed in 2 days of filming 8 interviews. It was as if every person was hand-selected out of all Israel to fill in the exact part that was needed. We had 4 men and 4 women, 4 atheists/agnostics and 4 people who do believe in God (but not yet in Jesus, Yeshua), a beautiful diversity of backgrounds, etc.

And we saw God touch every single person in a significant way during the filming – in relation to God and in relation to Yeshua.

All four of the atheists/agnostics ended up saying something positive about God and/or about Yeshua by the end!

For example, one young lady from Tel Aviv, the heart of secularism and humanism in Israel, declared at the beginning that she definitely didn’t believe in God. But then we read multiple prophecies in the Tanakh (Old Testament) where God had promised what He would do throughout Israel’s history.

She slowly started to see that every single one was exactly fulfilled, even though they’d been written over 2,000 years ahead of time about a specific people, and were things that never have happened to any other people.

When we shared about Yeshua with her and shared the Gospel, she lit up and answered very excitedly about Him!

We asked her at the end, “How is that the Jewish people were the only ones to ever be scattered from their nation for so long and still survive, the only ones to ever return to their ancient homeland after such a long exile, that Hebrew is the only language to ever have been revived, that we’re the only ones who experienced such sudden increases in rainfall, that we’re the only ones who experienced victory in war after war against impossible odds – and that all of this was predicted ahead of time in the Tanakh?!

At that point, she finally began expressing that maybe it really was God, but that it must not be the same God as she sees the religious Jews representing. And that was a perfect segway to speak about how what God is looking for isn’t religious legalism but a loving relationship. And then, when we shared about Yeshua with her and shared the Gospel, she lit up and answered very excitedly about Him!

One of the men was strongly connected to Jewish tradition and heritage, and when we brought up Yeshua, he said, “You mean their Yeshua?” referring to Yeshua supposedly belonging to Gentiles and not to the Jewish people. We then shared how He’s actually oursand He’s not only Jewish, but lived perfectly according to the Tanakh, and came as the Messiah of Israel, the descendent of King David.

Usually, for people from this kind of background who view Yeshua as a founder of a foreign religion, it can take a long time for them to even begin considering anything about Yeshua’s Messiahship, but amazingly, he immediately warmed up and responded positively and had an open heart to hear the whole Gospel.

After finishing seven interviews, we were all exhausted, and we thought at first that that was enough. But as we prayed more, we sensed we should go find one more. 

I think this was sent from above – you go and be interviewed and we will take care of everything.

However, once we went out and began looking for someone to interview, no one was willing. A few team members would have to leave soon, and the sun was setting quickly, so I realized that if we didn’t find someone within seven minutes, we’d have to just pack up.

Then I sensed God showing me that there was a red-headed woman we needed to speak with. About two minutes later, I saw a red-headed woman and excitedly approached her, asking if she’d like to be interviewed. After speaking for a while, she finally decided not to join. I thought, “Oh no! Now we only have a few moments left and maybe somehow that was the opportunity but now it’s gone!”

But then my brother and team member Avi, without hearing what I had seen in a vision, saw a red-headed woman next to a near-by restaurant, and asked if our team member Ari could go invite her. He did, but it turns out that she was a waitress there, just starting her shift, so unfortunately she said she couldn’t join us. But the owner of the restaurant was there with her, and he said, “I think this was sent from above – you go and be interviewed and we will take care of everything.” Amazing!

You know how when you read the Gospel of Matthew, then Mark, then Luke, and you see many of the same stories repeated from different perspectives, it seems like they covered Yeshua’s life from every possible angle? But then you get to John and he comes from a completely different point of view and gives such fresh and beautiful insights.

Well, obviously we weren’t writing Gospels, but still, we experienced something similar with the last interview. She brought a new perspective that no one else had covered, even though it was quite important.

She was actually the most fiercely against God throughout most of the interview. She contended that it wasn’t fair that we were speaking so much about these amazing promises of good things toward Israel and their fulfillments if we weren’t going to talk about the negative things, such as the vicious, Hamas-led attacks against Israelis on October 7th last year. She poured out her heart with deep, raw emotion about the evils our people experienced.

God’s Son paid the price by His own blood to grant all those who believe in Him forgiveness, a new heart, and everlasting life.

We empathized with her and explained how God gave us as humans free will so that we could choose to love Him and walk in His ways or reject Him and walk in evil ways, and unfortunately it was humans who had chosen to commit such atrocities.

She wasn’t fully satisfied with that, but then when we got to the Good News, we shared passionately with her about how God sent His own Son, Yeshua, to take the punishment that we all had deserved for breaking His laws – that He suffered and died in our place, then rose again to give us everlasting life.

And this is God’s ultimate solution to the problem of evil: that even though it was our own rebellion that led to evil and suffering in this world, God’s Son paid the price by His own blood to grant all those who believe in Him forgiveness, a new heart, and everlasting life in a place where there will be no more sorrow, pain, or death. So as painful as this broken world might be sometimes, because of Yeshua’s sacrifice, it’s only temporary – and those who believe in Him have all eternity to share with God in glory!

She was clearly moved and responded that she does indeed hope that we’re right and that eternity with God will be worth it all!

So we gave her, just like the other interviewees, our “Supernatural or Just Remarkable” booklet and a full Bible, with the Old and New Testament, so that they could see the truth for themselves. And many of them specifically said that they’d read them. Praise God!

Please Pray with Us:

  • For the completion of this evangelistic video – that God would grant us wisdom, anointing, creativity, and unity as we edit it, so that it will be released very soon and have a powerful impact on many millions
  • Ads – although our ad account with Meta is still down, by God’s grace, we were able to begin running ads through a new ad account. But there are many hurdles and it will take tons of hours to recreate many of the ad campaigns and get everything running full speed. Please pray for a quick full recovery and even an increase so we can reach many with the Gospel and message of life!
  • For continued anointing and fruit for all discipleship, evangelism, and pro-life work
  • For all our team members – ever since we had a day of fasting and prayer for every team member to enter into the fullness of their calling, there have been quite a few shifts taking place. We can already see how God is answering and moving things in place in some cases, but others are struggling to find clarity, and are taking time to fast and pray more because they’re making some crucial life decisions. Would you please take a moment to pray for every team member to fully live out God’s calling on them, leading to greater fruit for His glory through all of us?
  • Increase of prayer connected with evangelism, discipleship, and pro-life work – We were so encouraged to see how God works powerfully when there is a group of people specifically praying during an outreach, and we’re sensing that God is wanting to see an increase of prayer and worship connected with evangelism, discipleship, and pro-life work. Also, it seems that many who love Israel and are praying for salvation and transformation actually would like to pray together with us more often. Please pray for clear vision and direction from God about what He’s calling us to do in relation to this, for unity for all those who would be involved, and for a great increase in prayers and answers to prayers!
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