Salvation and an Unbelievable “Coincidence”

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When Kalanit and Victoria met as wartime sirens were blaring in Tel Aviv, they didn’t realize that they’d actually “met” before – in fact, Victoria had led Kalanit to Jesus through our evangelistic video!

A few years ago Kalanit, a secular woman in her 30s, returned to Israel heartbroken and exhausted after a failed engagement to a Ukrainian man. She found herself in Tel Aviv without an apartment and ultimately spent the next four months jumping from place to place – sometimes without knowing where she would spend the next night.

Kalanit suffered from depression and anxiety, and for many years she was searching for deliverance and for God. She had heard of Yeshua many times in her searches and she loved His character and all the good things He had done. But she didn’t know if He was truly the Messiah, and wondered why, if He really is, others in Israel don’t see it.

Deep inside Kalanit’s heart, she was crying out for a divine appointment.

One day while scrolling through videos on social media, she watched our evangelistic video about Overcoming Anxiety. It was there that she saw the Yeshua that she loved.

Her desire to understand Yeshua more deeply grew, and Kalanit began asking people about Him and even studying the New Testament.

Deep inside Kalanit’s heart, she was crying out for a divine appointment. She felt she was at the end of her rope (but that’s actually the best place she could be!). God led her to our evangelistic video about Who Yeshua Is.

And after all the years of searching, she finally found the Treasure. At the end of our video, our presenters invited viewers to repent of their sins and receive Yeshua personally, and at that moment, Kalanit decided to welcome Him as Lord.

Now she was saved. But God had more in mind for her.

Can I tell you something unusual? I believe in Yeshua and He is my shelter.

A few weeks ago, as Hamas fired missiles towards Tel Aviv, sirens began to go off in the city. Victoria, one of our evangelistic presenters, was seeking a bomb shelter, and though others were panicked in their rush to seek cover, she had the peace of God within.

Victoria approached one of the women next to her, and asked her where the nearest bomb shelter is located. That woman turned out to be Kalanit!

And Kalanit, like so many Israelis, answered Victoria with a question: “Can I tell you something unusual? I believe in Yeshua and He is my shelter.”

Despite the pandemonium, Victoria excitedly began to share that she is also a believer in Yeshua. Kalanit couldn’t hold herself back and grabbed Victoria and held her close as she began crying.

After the sirens died down, the two women began talking more about Yeshua and promised to be in touch and meet up soon. Kalanit was elated to finally meet another person that believes!

Unbelievable how God orchestrated all this!

At their next meeting, Victoria was curious to know how Kalanit came to faith in Yeshua. Kalanit explained that she received Yeshua into her heart after she watched a video about Yeshua that offered others to receive Him personally.

Victoria was thinking to herself, “Oh, that’s interesting! I was a presenter in a video like that.”

Afterwards, Victoria sent Kalanit that same video and commented, “You should watch the beginning of that video again!”

Kalanit opened the link and lo and behold, Victoria was indeed the woman she had been talking about – the woman that had invited her to know Yeshua personally! Unbelievable how God orchestrated all this!

Later, Victoria invited Kalanit to her congregation where she was also baptized. And Victoria also connected our team member Halel with Kalanit to be encouraged and strengthened in her new faith.

Kalanit has been in constant contact with Halel for several weeks now. And Halel has been able to be like a big sister to comfort and disciple Kalanit.

During a recent meeting, Halel and Kalanit met for coffee and studied the Scriptures together. Kalanit has a burning passion to share about Yeshua with all our people, and the two of them ventured out afterwards to the streets of Tel Aviv to share the Gospel with whoever the Holy Spirit guided them to encounter.

On their way back home, Kalanit confessed to Halel that she is still suffering from her past traumas and struggles with truly seeing and walking in her new identity in Messiah. There’s still a lot that has to be cleaned up from an old life of brokenness and darkness. Please pray that God will help her grow in faith, stay connected and grow as a disciple, be set free from every bondage, and walk in holiness and fruitfulness!

His Name is “My Light”

Sara was seeking to abort the baby that had been living in her womb for the past 16 weeks. She called our pro-life hotline and divulged that she was having difficulties with her boyfriend – the father of her child.

As the conversation progressed it turned out that she didn't have children and that she had had a previous abortion at the age of 24. Now, in the fifth decade of her life, she didn’t feel like she could give birth and take responsibility for a baby.

Our pro-life counselor Rene prayed for wisdom about how to calm her, then said, “Sara, you are already over 40, and it’s a gift that you were able to get pregnant at this age. You aren’t married and as you get older, your child can even help you.”

Sara delivered her baby via C-section and gave him a name full of meaning – Ori – which means “my light.”

Rene was able to share with Sara about the Lord and pray with her. She further encouraged Sara by offering practical support. Through all this, Sara found peace about having her baby, and moved closer to her mother so she could help her.

Five months later, Sara delivered her baby via C-section and gave him a name full of meaning – Ori – which means “my light.”

Our counselors, Rachel and Rene, traveled to Judea and Samaria to visit Sara and bless her with gifts. There, they got to know each other better and understood that Sara was connected with her parents’ traditional Judaism – taking elements from Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and Hasidic branches along the way.

Rene shared her testimony and Rachel showed Sara from the Scriptures that the name of Yeshua is also full of meaning – His name means “salvation,” because “​​He will save His people” (Matthew 1:21).

Rene prayed for Sara, but then Sara revealed that she had visited a soothsayer (yes, some people in Israel are sadly still turning to such evil sources), thinking that they could provide a solution to her son’s serious digestive problems. Rachel lovingly admonished her, pointing out that a soothsayer is not the answer – only God! Rachel assured Sara that God loves her so much and He can provide everything she and her son need.

Please pray for Sara and her son’s healing, that she’d turn from all idolatry, and have a full revelation of who Yeshua is and how He can transform their lives.

Please Pray with Us:

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  • For our new evangelistic street interview video – we sense a need to quickly prepare for and film this video showing God’s miraculous work in Israel, how He’s fulfilled His promises to this people, how the Tanakh (Old Testament) is indeed the Word of God, and how it points to Yeshua the Messiah. Please pray for God’s anointing, creativity, wisdom, protection, and powerful impact!
  • For more laborers in the harvest – please agree with us in prayer for another worker to join very soon who can help with several technical, media jobs and also release others to enter more fully into their callings.
  • For all the new believers (see more stories  here), including:
    – Gila, whom we’ve tried to connect with a local congregation, recently met a couple in her grocery store and after a short conversation it turns out that the couple are believers, too. They invited Gila to their congregation where Gila was able to have fellowship with others. Please pray that she and all the other new believers connect and find their place in the Body of Messiah.
  • For follow-up with thousands of Israelis online and on the streets, including:
    – Several Orthodox Jews in very sensitive situations we’re sharing the Gospel with, who are very close to receiving Yeshua, but who stand to lose almost everything if they receive Him as Lord (one of them is a rabbi). Please pray for revelation and great courage to overcome every fear!
  • For our Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign, including:
    – Husam, a married man, called our pro-life hotline seeking an abortion for the 6-week-old baby that his girlfriend, Mahirah, is carrying. When our counselor Rachel spoke with Mahirah, she shared that they have already had two abortions. Rachel warned that this may be her last chance to have a baby and begged her to rethink her decision. Please pray that God would reveal Himself to Husam and Mahirah, that they would understand the severity of their adultery, and would choose life for their child.
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